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Custom Video Analysis Software Development

Custom Video Analysis Software Development

Rapid prototyping based on our extensive software libraries

Do you need a custom video analysis software product for your niche market? Look no further than AllSportSystems! We offer multiple ways to customize our technology:


This option takes our current software products, and places them under your brand, color scheme, and title. We will also produce custom printed CDs for your brand, and rebrand the electronic documentation. The software will launch from your custom icon and splash screen, and all website links will point to your site. Licensing is handled "behind the scenes" so that your customers never know they are running our software titles. Typical rebranding time is less than 2 weeks.


Because we have created an extensive library of video analysis components, we are in a unique position to quickly create new software designs targeting your specific needs. Multiple camera video capture, slow motion video playback, video file conversion, drawing tools, audio triggering... each of these has been created as a "software black box" that we can drop into any Graphical User Interface. The focus is on the user interface, and not the numerous technical details involved in capturing, playing, and adding graphics to video.

We offer multiple end-user licensing models for our custom designs, including per-user licenses, and flat-rate annual plans covering unlimited users.

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