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Established in 2005, AllSportSystems® has developed into a world class team of highly focused professionals with a unique set of skills. We are a small company having a lot of fun while creating some pretty cool products.

Our MotionView™ video analysis software has been licensed by over 14,000 customers and is the catalyst behind many of our hardware products. Our multi-camera Nomad™ video coaching systems have been installed at schools and sports venues around the world through direct customer relationships as well as partnerships with private-label distributors.

Our versatile line of heavy duty Laptop Tripods have been adopted as the gold standard by coaches in the field, and have evolved into the perfect portable computer platforms for insurance adjusters, IT departments, musicians and DJs.

In recent years we have created our own line of Home Golf Simulators and accessories, including our small-footprint MiniBay™ and SuperBay™ golf simulator enclosures, the TerraShield™ projector enclosure, and much more.

Most of our physical products are fabricated in-house on our state-of-the-art industrial sewing and CNC routing machines. The future is looking bright for AllSportSystems® thanks to an ever-growing and loyal customer base. We look forward to the opportunity to earn and retain your business!

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Dave Hill - Founder and CEO of AllSportSystems™ Inc.

Dave's engineering background is in the field of real-time computing, having worked in the industry since 1982. He has been a central figure in the creation of a number of successful products for innovative companies such as DataCore Software®, Sun Microsystems®, and Motorola®. He has experience in both hardware and software technologies applied to mission-critical computing systems, and was one of the team members that provided the pre-flight monitoring systems for the NASA Space Shuttle program. Dave is named on multiple software patents, and relishes any opportunity to "create something new".

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Cathy Hill - Vice President of AllSportSystems™ Inc.

Dave's wife of more than 30 years serves as V.P. of AllSportSystems®. She has a background in both banking and education, which serve her well in her role at AllSportSystems®. Cathy handles accounting, travel, payroll, and snacks.

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Maarten Koolen - Director of European Operations

Maarten oversees our European operations from his office located in the Netherlands. He operates while leveraging a wealth of real-world experience in many fields of sport. Maarten is a graduated field-hockey coach and is very familiar with sports such as tennis, golf and soccer.

Maarten has served as vice-president on the board of a professional soccer club in the Netherlands and enjoys applying his experience to help our customers arrive at the perfect solution!

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Dan Liesener - Sales Representative

Dan Liesener provides outstanding sales support to our new and potential customers. Whether you call, email, or chat with Dan, you will find that his attention to detail and his genuine desire to help make him a great guy to work with.

Dan will answer your questions with a level of enthusiasm and professionalism that has become hard to find in the modern corporate world. We are glad he is on our team!

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Noah Nixon - Technical Support Specialist

Noah is our "Generation Y" technical support specialist. He is an avid technologist who brings a high level of enthusiasm to his work. Noah handles new sales leads as well as post-sales technical support.

Noah is also responsible for our product documentation and video reviews, and our social media presence.

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Jesse Harper - Operations Manager

Jesse is a skilled CNC operator and industrial fabricator. He oversees all aspects of our production and assembly operations including tripod assembly, plastics cutting, fabrication, and manufacturing of our golf simulator components. He is a multi-talented machine operator and a creative collaborator.

Many of the refinements found in our products can be directly attributed to Jesse's efforts to perfect our production processes, as well as to improve our customers experience.

The home team at AllSportSystems®

Norm Hueber - Production Specialist

Norm is our production specialist, focusing primarily on the fabrication of our home golf simulator hitting screens and stance mats. Norm brings a tremendous commitment to quality to his work, and his goal of "perfect craftsmanship" makes him an invaluable member of our team. In addition to fabricating our screens and mats, Norm also assists with shipping and handling.

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